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Little girl is adorably frustrated that the sun has gone down

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Video of a Brooklyn girl named Naima becoming frustrated by the sun's disappearance is spreading across the Internet.

Naima is the daughter of Ebony magazine senior editor Jamilah Lemieux.

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Lemieux often tweets about her daughter with the hashtag #MiniMilah, and posts pictures of her on Instagram, but a video she shared with her followers Friday has picked up over 19,000 retweets.

In the video, the 3-year-old girl is not at all happy that the sun is gone, but her mother explains to her that it was the moon's turn to come out.

"I want (the sun) to come back," Naima saysin the video.

Off camera, her mother tells her, "He'll come back tomorrow."

"No! It's a girl," Naima says.

"OK. She'll come back tomorrow," Lemieux says. She explains to Naima that it was the moon's turn to come out and that she had to share the moon and the sun with other children around the world.

"No! I don't want to share the sun," Naima says.

"It was still daylight, and by the time we got out, it was dark, and (Naima) commented on it. She was very upset for some reason on this particular day," Lemieux told ABC News.

Lemieux shared an update to the video on Saturday:

Watch the original video below:

Video shows tiger angrily awakened from a cat nap

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A tiger at the Dublin Zoo in Ireland was rudely awakened from a nap by another tiger, and it did not appreciate it one bit.

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Ger Campbell was visiting the tiger exhibit Saturday and caught the tiger's reaction on video.

Maybe the other tiger wanted to play or just wanted to socialize, but the tiger was not at all pleased to be woken up, no matter the reason.

Watch the video below.

<iframe width="390" height="219" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Watch what happens when identical twins try a face swap app

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What happens when identical twins try the face swap app?

It is probably exactly what you would expect.

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Identical twins Sergey and Andrew Yarunin from Moscow, decided to record what happened when they tried a face swap app.

Even the Russian brothers had to look closely to see if the swap worked.

At one point, Sergey Yarunin steps in and out of the frame to see if Andrew Yaruni's face changes.

See just how much Sergey and Andrew Yarunin look alike in the video.

Anyone Else Notice This In Ariana Grande's Video???


Ariana Grande’s music video for “Dangerous Woman” is here, featuring Ariana being all dangerous and womanly.

We’ve got Ariana in sexy undies, and we’ve got blue and purple lighting, and that’s pretty much it. There’s not much more to the video. Honestly, it doesn’t even seem that dangerous. The video is titled “Dangerous Woman (Visual 1),” so maybe we can expect more to come.

In the meantime, though, there is one thing Ariana fans find familiar about this video. Think about it for a sec.

OK, fine, I’ll just tell you. Fans are saying it’s super similar to Ariana’s 2013 video for “The Way.” Ariana loves that blue-lighting aesthetic, apparently.

It’s tugging at all the heartstrings of Grande fans, who went all nostalgic over how far Ariana has come.

Anyone else feel like #DangerousWoman & #TheWay are really similar? 🤔 - @itsfrankiep A photo posted by HITS 97.3 (@hits973) on Mar 31, 2016 at 4:41pm PDT

Full Story at Elite Daily

Sheriff's deputy gets big surprise after pulling over his own wife

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A sheriff’s deputy was in for a big surprise when he pulled his wife over for a traffic violation.

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The Orange County Sheriff’s department in California shared the video to their YouTube page.

As the deputy approached the car, his wife explained that she was trying to get to work.

He accused her of riding in the carpool lane when there was no one else in the car.

Then, she handed over her paperwork, and and the couple revealed some exciting news.

Watch the video recorded by the couple below:

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan Mellet (born June 5, 1995), better known as Troye Sivan, is a South African-born Australian singer, songwriter, actor and YouTuber. As an actor, he played young James Howlett in the X-Men film "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (2009), and most recently has starred as the titular character in the "Spud" film trilogy. Sivan also regularly makes YouTube videos, and has over 4 million subscribers.

On August 15, 2014 Sivan released his first major-label EP, entitled "TRXYE", which peaked at #5 on the Billboard 200. The lead single from the EP, "Happy Little Pill", reached #10 on the Australian charts. On September 4, 2015 Sivan released his second major-label EP, "Wild". His debut studio album, "Blue Neighbourhood", was released December 4, 2015.

Click here for more on Trore at his official website.

Monkey takes guy's GoPro and has fun doing it

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Trent Houdek was visiting the Wildlife World Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday when he and his friends approached a monkey enclosure.

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Houdek had his GoPro with him and used it to capture his visit.

At the exhibit, one monkey, which Houdek said is a Schmidt Gideon Monkey, took interest in the portable camera.

Houdek's friends can be heard telling him to give the monkey the camera.

When the monkey extends its hand through the cage, Houdek relents, and the monkey takes the GoPro.

The result is an almost three minute of video -- picked up by Mashable -- of the monkey playing with the camera.

The monkey had fun with the camera, holding it as if to take selfies upside down and sideways, and licking the camera to figure out what exactly it was.

At one point, the monkey can be seen tapping the camera as if it is trying to get something out of it.

"What, at the time, was a stressful couple of hours turned into some great footage of a monkey's interest in the camera," Houdek said in a caption of the video.

Watch the monkey play with a GoPro in the video below.


Uzo Emenike (born November 9, 1994), professionally known as MNEK (pronounced: Emma-Knee-Kay), is a Grammy-nominated British singer, songwriter, record producer and remixer, of Nigerian descent.

His recent writing and production credits include Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Diplo, Zara Larsson, Lianne La Havas, Rudimental, Naughty Boy, Little Mix, JoJo, Gorgon City, Clean Bandit, Chris Malinchak, Bondax, Becky Hill, Oliver Heldens, Karen Harding, Tieks, Sub Focus, Duke Dumont and A*M*E.

On 22 July 2015 he released "Never Forget You" with Swedish singer Zara Larsson (whom MNEK has worked with extensively with for her forthcoming album).

Click here for more on MNEK at official website.

Zara Larsson

Zara Maria Larsson (born December 16, 1997) is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She received national fame for winning the 2008 season of the talent show "Talang", the Swedish version of "Got Talent". Zara signed with the record label TEN Music Group in 2010 and released her debut EP album "Introducing", in January 2013. The single "Uncover" topped the charts in Sweden and  Norway. By February 2013 her single "Uncover" was certified Platinum by Universal Music Sweden. In July 2013 the album "Introducing" was certified Triple Platinum. 

In June 2015 Larsson released her debut single "Lush Life" from her second studio album. The song became her second #1 single and was certified four times platinum in Sweden. The song reached the top 5 in Australia, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and The United Kingdom.

In July 2015 Larsson teamed-up with Grammy-nominated British singer MNEK and released a new single called "Never Forget You". The song reached No.1 in Sweden, No.5 in UK, No.3 in Australia and it also hit No.1 on Sweden's Spotify charts. The song sold platinum in Sweden after two weeks. In February 2016, Tinie Tempah released a new single titled, "Girls Like" featuring Zara Larsson. 

Click here for more on Zara at her official Facebook page.

130 items
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