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Episode 44

This week's episode focuses on St. Patty's Day shenanigans, a woman who paid $19,000 for her cat to get a kidney transplant and how Rihanna controls the world.


Episode 43

Amber is joined by Your Georgia country SUPERSTARS and morning show hosts Walker and Macie. They discuss what "type" of person would drop a box on a puppy aka a sick. They also discuss the Amazon Echo's creepy laugh and John Bon Jovi's wet bar...whatever that is. Listen to the entire episode for your chance to win a POWER PRIZE PACK! Yay!


Episode 42

Amber brings in her co-hosts from another show, Molly and Gabe. They talk about how there was a rescue pig named Molly but then her owners ate her after adopting her. Which is weird and gross. Papa Johns and the NFL are never ever ever getting back together. Will Smith says "nah," to bugs in Georgia and Donald Glover buys 113 boxes of Thin Mints on live national television. All this and more on Episode 42 of The Hot Mess Express.


Episode 41

Amber, Steve and Paul return to let you know that sometimes high fashion isn't always fashionable, squirrels are terrifying and K-Fed needs to leave Britney alone!


Episode 40

Amber is joined by Marie and Jake from the band Eureka! California on Episode 40 of THME. They talk Hot Mess Moments from the past, The Red Hot Chili PIPERS, cheeseburgers, and Jennifer Anniston never finding love.


Episode 39

Amber, Steve and Paul talk seals in Florida, people who sunk their entire live "savings," in the ocean, where you can cheaply go for Valentines Day and the Finnish snowboarding coach who likes to knit. All this and more messiness on THME.


Episode 38

Amber, Paul and Steve discuss the Super Bowl and the destruction of the city of Philadelphia. Amber's going to "accidentally," fall in a hot tub for money. They also talk how glitter gin might be a little questionable to drink. Finally, they discuss the Kylie Jenner pregnancy super troll.


Episode 37

Amber is joined by Walker and Abby from Your Georgia Country to talk about Tide Pods, how scientists want to extend adolescence to the ripe ole' age of 24, Apple wanting to store your health records, and Oprah not running for president. All of this and more on Episode 37 of THME.


Episode 36

Amber, Paul and Steve talk about their messiest moments from the week. There is also mention of a potentially HAZARDOUS MONSTER ASTEROID coming close to earth. Oh...and Zombie Deer Disease. They also try to figure out what BitCoin is and why Kim and Kanye named their baby after a city. All this and more of THME.


Episode 35

Amber is joined by Sam Franco from 960 The Ref and Logan Booker of WGAU, where they talk sports (Amber doesn't really), ice hotels, Kanye West and their use of fire extinguishers. All this and more on Episode 35 of THME.

10 items
Results 1 - 10 of 10