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Episode 11

Ashley is not convinced that Avril Lavigne is, in fact, a robot. Some guy sued some woman for texting during some movie date. The internet hackers are back. Chanel is selling a $1400 Boomerang, why we do not now. Kylie Jenner fell off a bike and it's great.


Episode 10

Big ballers don’t overcharge kids for shoes, did Avril Lavigne die?, Neiman Marcus is selling destroyed sneakers for $1400, and for no reason at all this episode features a talk about Reading Rainbow.


Episode 9

Will Trump build a wall around his star on the Hollywood walk of fame? Will Shaq be the next sheriff of DeKalb County? What's the real reason Richard Simmons disappeared for nine months? Will Amber fight Ryan Seacrest? All these answers and more on this episode of The Hot Mess Express.


Episode 8

On this episode of THME: Some sick freak in Waynesboro, Virginia is shaving people's cats, McDonald's FRORK?!, Disaster Tent City aka Fyre Music Festival with beachside cheese sandwich brawlers, the artist formerly known as Billy Ray Cyrus, and is Amber banned from a certain CVS?


Episode 7

Why are cops punching old men in restrooms? How is United Airlines still in business? What are those Nordstorm mud-stained pants REALLY stained with? Is Chris Soules in cahoots with that bathroom cop? Why was Kourtney Kardashian doing naked cartwheels in Mexico? FIND OUT THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS ON EPISODE 7 OF THME WITH ASHLEY AND AMBER.


Episode 6

The sixth installment of THME includes a 12 year old Aussie kid that decided to peace-out and drive 8000 miles across country, you'll find out whether Ash would rather be dragged off a plane or listen to Kenny G for 30 minutes, the internet is enraged at Rihanna, and the BRAND NEW Ashley and Amber's own CONSUMER REPORT...including cool music. + MUCH MORE MESSINESS


Episode 5

According to Amber it's a "Dope new episode," consisting of Atlanta basically sinking into the earth, memes about Atlanta, old McDonald sauces worth $15,000, British things and much mo messiness.


Episode 4

Bat salads, Peeperoni Peepza, and more disgusting foods. The second worst thing to happen during a Pepsi Ad. Tornadoes. Ashley and Amber don't know anything about sports or stocks, so don't ask them. Many other things on this week's episode of THME.


Episode 3

Ashley and Amber discuss the Miss Snake Charmer Pageant, what REALLY happened to Atlanta's I-85 bridge, how Amber almost beat up an old lady and much more messiness.


Episode 2

Cash Me Outside Girl gets a reality show, Jon Gosselin is a stripper, Shaq is a flat-earther, leggings can't fly, and Ash and Amber still can't get it together.

10 items
Results 1 - 10 of 10