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Meet Cappuccino & Lillian


Cappuccino was brought to animal control along with 8 of her siblings. She is the only one left out of her litter not to find a home.

Come by and meet her at our shelter on Mars Hill Road in Watkinsville. She is about 3 months old.


Lillian is the sweetest little cat you could imagine! She goes immediately to her side or back as soon as you start petting her. She has a tiny and adorable meow to match her delightful disposition.

Lillian could most likely do well in a home with other animals if given the proper introduction. If you're looking for a kitty who truly enjoys the company of people, this outgoing and social girl is the one for you!

Lillian is about 2 years old and at our shelter on Mars Hill Road in Watkinsville.

Cappuccino & Lillian are the AAHS adoptable Pets of the Week!

Meet Missy & Krystal!


Missy is a very affectionate young cat! Missy's looking for a person who likes to snuggle. Are you that special person?


Krystal was found in the bushes of the Krystal Restaurant parking lot by a good samaritan. She is supper sweet and about 3 months old. Her fur started out brown, but has turned all black now.

Krystal is good with other cats and people of all ages. She doesn't seem to mind dogs either.

Missy & Krystal are the AAHS adoptable Pets of the Week!

Meet Daisy & Rudy!

Daisy the Cat:

Don't be fooled by the fact that Daisy doesn't run right up to the door of her cage to visit. This 1 year old kitty is super sweet underneath a slightly shy exterior. She is more outgoing with people as she gets to know them, but if you take the time with her you will be rewarded with loud purrs and the making of many “biscuits” as she rolls over and stares adoringly into your face.

Daisy should do well with other cats if given the proper introduction. Truly a gentle soul!

Rudy the Dog:

Rudy was found by an AAHS foster parent, hiding in the woods in Athens. He was a little fearful of her at first, but with food and patience, she was able to get him into safety. We tried to find his owner, with no luck.

Rudy is about 6 months old and we believe he is a Rat Terrier / Chihuahua mix. He shouldn’t get too much bigger. Rudy is such a sweet, loving puppy. He loves to play, but is very well mannered for his age. Rudy is great with other animals and people of all ages.

Daisy & Rudy are the AAHS adopotble Pets of The Week!

Meet Boots & Toby!

Boots and Toby have had a rough time lately. Their beloved owner passed away from pancreatic cancer so Boots and Toby went to Jackson County Humane Society.

Jackson County Humane Society flooded and they lost cage space sadly. Now Boots and Toby are with AAHS and we hope this is their last stop on the train to a forever home! These are truly amazing cats!

Boots is a large, front declawed black and white male cat and Toby is a cute grey and white guy.

Boots & Toby are the AAHS adoptable Pets of the Week!

Meet Cheesecake!

We are going to feature just this special cat this week. She has a very sad story and we would love for her to have a very happy ending.

This sweet Calico is Cheesecake. Cheesecake is currently being fostered by an AAHS employee because she was returned due to a severe injury that her adopters could not afford to treat. Cheesecake is about 2 years old now, but was around 6 months when she was originally adopted in May of last year. This is Cheesecake's story:Cheesecake originally came to AAHS after being rescued in a warehouse with her brother, Cool Whip. They immediately went into foster care with an AAHS employee because they were very scared and shy. The sweet siblings remained in foster care for a few months while they became social. Cheesecake was always the more shy of the two and never seemed sure if she could trust people or not. However, you would never know that today! Cheesecake is extremely outgoing, sweet, and absolutely loves people.  After foster care, Cheesecake and Cool Whip were transferred to the Adoption Center where they were adopted. This is where Cheesecake's story takes a turn for the worse. We are still not quite sure how Cheesecake was injured, but her adopter said she got outside and then he saw her acting hurt. What happened to her is something we will never know. The adopter waited a while after the injury, but finally returned her to our care because he was not able to afford to treat her injury. Cheesecake was injured badly! The entire staff was so shocked and upset to see her injured and in pain. She had a severe laceration under right front leg from the front of her shoulder all the way to her elbow. Cheesecake is lucky she did not lose her entire leg. Luckily, it did not harm a lot of the muscle so we were able to help her keep her leg.  Cheesecake was such a trooper! She was so sweet and so good for her daily bandage changes, antibiotics, etc. We never had to hold her down or scruff her; she would just patiently wait for us to finish cleaning and treating her wound. After the wound was cleaned up, it became a waiting game for Cheesecake. We wanted to make sure she was completely healed before putting her up for adoption again. We saw Cheesecake getting sad sitting in a cage everyday so she was put back in foster care with the same foster parents she had when she was a kitten. Cheesecake has been in foster care for two and a half months now and we feel that she is healed enough to be adopted!  Cheesecake is very special to the AAHS family, as is every animal we care for. Cheesecake is a super sweet and loving cat. She will reach out and touch your face while you love on her. She loves spending time in the window sill of her foster home sunbathing and watching the birds, squirrels, and butterflies play outside the window. She likes other animals and is great with kids, especially loud and boisterous babies! She is such a laid back, relaxed, and happy cat! We can't believe she is so sweet after everything she has been through.  Cheesecake has so much love to give a special family. We really hope that someone will see what a wonderful cat she is and take her home to love her forever! Please contact us if you are interested in adopting Cheesecake or finding out more information about her. Also check out our Facebook page to see Cheesecake's photo album.  You can email Leah Trotter, the AAHS Office Manager and Cheesecake's foster mom, at or call 706-705-2247.

The amazing "Cheesecake" is the AAHS adoptable Pet of The Week, and you have to read her story!

Meet Princess & Willie!

Princess the Cat:

Princess was abandoned at Boulevard Animal Hospital before she made her way to Clarke County Animal Control. Then she was transferred here to AAHS. You wouldn't know she has been through a lot of changes lately because she doesn't let it get her down. She is resilient, outgoing, and above all loves people.

Princess seems very interested in the cats in surrounding cages and wants to play with them through the bars. This is a good indicator that she would do well in a home that already has some furry friends. This 2 year old is ready for the royal treatment in her next home.

Willie the Dog:

Willie is a Jack Russell Terrier. He is about 11 weeks old and such a great little puppy. His mother and his 4 other siblings were an unwanted litter. AAHS has had the puppies since the day they were born. Willie is the only puppy left! He is at our shelter on Mars Hill Road during the week, from 11 to 4.

Princess & Willie are the AAHS adoptable Cat & Dog of the Week!

Meet Tigress & Frankie!

Tigress the Cat:

Tigress is a sweet and social 2 year-old cat whose owner brought her to Oconee County Animal Control with her kittens. She is very friendly and outgoing and could potentially do well in a household with other animals. She rides well in the car, other than some meowing. Tigress is alert and curious like the powerful big cat that is her namesake. She is ready to stalk and hunt for the perfect home!

Frankie the Dog:

Frankie’s owner passed away and is looking for a new home in our re-homing program. Frankie is about 10 years old and would be happier in a home with no other pets or young children. Frankie walks fantastically on a leash, is house broken and super sweet. If you’re looking to give a senior dog a new home, Frankie is the perfect guy for you.

Athens Area Humane Societywww.athenshumanesociety.orgMain: 706-705-2247Toll Free: 888-348-4448

Tigress & Frankie are the AAHS adoptable Cat & Dog of the Week!

Meet Allie & June!

Allie the Cat:

Allie was transferred from OCAC as a stray with her four little kittens who have already been adopted from AAHS. Now sweet Allie is patiently waiting for her turn to find a furrever home. She may do well with other animals with proper introduction but she would prefer to be the center of attention. Don't you think this beautiful girl deserves to be the center of your world?Allie is approximately 2 years old.

June the Dog:

June was adopted from animal control about 2 months ago. Unfortunately, her new owner had to move and couldn't take June along, so she went back to animal control. June is about a year old and around 25lbs. She is a great girl who loves to jump on your lap, walks great on a leash and is working on crate training. June is great with other dogs, cats and people of all ages. She loves kids!! June is looking a loving family that will keep her forever.

Allie & June are the AAHS adoptable cat & dog of the week!

Meet Andy & Destiny!

Andy the Cat:

Andy is a sweet and playful 1 year-old cat who loves people and making new friends. He also loves his brother, Evan, and the two make a fantastic pair. Andy seems to be the sidekick to the more outgoing Evan, and they have very complementary personalities. The two can be adopted together for the discounted adoption fee of $112.50. You can't go wrong with these fun loving fellas!

Destiny the Dog:

Destiny is part of a group of 13 puppies that we rescued from animal control. Although these puppies did not come from one home, all of the homes weren't together on one street. Destiny is the last one. She is such a sweet girl who loves to play and cuddle.

Athens Area Humane Society Main: 706-705-2247 Toll Free: 888-348-4448

Andy & Destiny are the AAHS adoptable Cat & Dog of the Week!
81 items
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