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Family could be on Broadway with ‘Les Miserables’ karaoke rendition

The Von Trapps have nothing on the LeBarons. 

The LeBaron family members were all together for Easter this past weekend and decided to have a little family fun karaoke time.

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They lined up and started belting out “One Day More” from the Broadway musical “Les Miserables,” KUTV reported.

Jayson LeBaron said it was all his mother’s idea to sing the song that has made the family internet famous, KUTV reported.

Each of the five siblings took a role and a chunk of the song and sang it perfectly.

But music comes naturally to the LeBarons.

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“We’ve all grown up singing together and we all married musically talented people,” LeBaron told KUTV. “My dad plays the piano and has been our accompanist growing up and my mom has been our music director. We all got involved with musical theater and did a lot of shows in high school and in college.”

Bus driver helps girl with her hair after mother dies

Isabella Pieri’s dad has to leave early for work so she’s on her own to get ready for school after her mother died two years ago after a long battle with a rare illness. 

While she has all of the bases covered, there’s one thing that her dad couldn’t figure out -- how to do her hair, KSL reported.

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Because it was all a mystery to him, Philip Pieri gave his daughter a crew cut. Once her hair grew out, Isabella would quickly brush her hair, throw it in a ponytail and head out. Then her bus driver stepped in to help.

It all started when the driver helped another student with a braid. Isabella had the courage to ask for help too, KSL reported.

It’s now an everyday occurrence. Tracy helps Isabella with her hair. And the morning hair styling has turned into so much more for Isabella.

“It makes me feel like she’s a mom pretty much to me. And it makes me excited for the next day to see what she does.”

It has also helped Isabella’s self-esteem.

Ann Freeze, one of Isabella’s teachers, told KSL, “I just noticed her head was a little higher that morning and she had a little more of a step.”

Bride dies weeks before wedding, but lives on through organ donation

Taryn Budd was just weeks from walking down the aisle at her wedding. Her family was supposed to be celebrating the milestone, instead they had to bury their daughter who died while taking a bath. 

Doctor said she had a brain aneurysm and drowned in her tub, KPRC reported.

But Budd lives on. She was an organ donor and at least three families still have their loved ones because of her generosity.

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Budd’s heart went to a 55-year-old father of two. A 30-year-old woman received both of her lungs and her liver. Another woman got a kidney, KPRC reported.

“We are grateful that there are other people that she’s living through and I’m hopeful that one day I’ll be able to meet them,” Taryn’s mother Stacie Budd told KPRC.

Taryn died in November. Her organs gave the gift of life to their recipients on Thanksgiving morning.

Her memorial service was held on the day that she was supposed to be married.

But her family says she would have been proud of what she did for complete strangers.

“I know that she would be absolutely thrilled to know that she has allowed other people to continue living their lives and especially people that have children. Taryn loved children,” Nicolas Milazzo, Taryn’s financé told KPRC.

For more information on how to become an organ donor, click here.

Parents find long-lost daughter after 24-year search

A couple in southwest China recently found their missing daughter after searching for 24 years.

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According to the BBC, Wang Mingqing and Liu Dengying of Chengdu lost their 3-year-old daughter, Qifeng, in 1994 after Wang left the family's fruit stand to get some change. Although the parents launched what would become a decades-long search, buying newspaper ads, posting descriptions online and scouring the city, police could not find the girl.

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But things started to change in 2015, when Wang started working as a taxi driver to expand his search. He put a sign on his car and handed out flyers to his passengers. Chinese media outlets learned of his efforts and shared his story. 

Two years later, a police sketch artist who had heard about Wang's search drew an age-progressed picture of Qifeng. Last month, 27-year-old Kang Ying, who lives 1,700 miles away in the northeastern province of Jilin, saw the image and thought it looked a lot like her, the Global Times reported. Kang, who was adopted and grew up just 12 miles from Chengdu, tracked down Wang on social media and took a DNA test, which confirmed that she was his missing daughter.

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The family had an emotional reunion Tuesday in Chengdu.

"The whole world told me I didn't have a mother, but I do," Kang told thecover.cnaccording to the BBC.

And Wang was finally able to give his daughter a hug again.

"Daddy loves you," he said.

Boy bullied for having different-colored eyes, cleft lip adopts cat that looks like him

A bullied Oklahoma boy and his adorable new best friend look like they could be twins — well, almost.

According to "Today," Madden Humphreys, 7, of Owasso started feeling sad after other children made fun of his cleft lip and different-colored eyes, also known as heterochromia iridium.

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“He wasn’t (insecure) until other kids started pointing it out to him and then saying not nice things to him,” his mother, Christina Humphreys, told "Today." 

But Christina soon found something she knew would cheer him up — a rescue cat that looked like her son.

“Last week, a friend posted an image of the cat in our cleft moms group," she wrote in a now-viral post for Love What Matters. "This kitty was taken in by a rescue group in Minnesota. We knew immediately that this kitty was meant to be part of our family. Not only does he have a cleft lip like our 7-year-old son Madden, he also has complete heterochromia iridum, like Madden. They were destined to be best friends. Funny how a pet can make you feel less alone."

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Although money was tight, friends helped the family fund the road trip to Minnesota. There, they adopted the cat, Moon.

“We’re usually not spontaneous people, but we knew that we were meant to love this kitty," she wrote for Love What Matters. "Moon, the kitty, and Madden are the perfect companions for each other. In a word full of bullies and hateful words, we will choose to chase love. I think it’s safe to say that this kitty is love, and was certainly meant to be part of our journey and Madden’s journey."

You can follow Madden and Moon on Instagram at @maddenandmoon.

Read more here and here.

‘Roseanne’ star Sara Gilbert on Trump: ‘We never say his name’ in the reboot

“Roseanne” star Sara Gilbert says President Donald Trump won’t be mentioned by name on the highly rated revival of the ABC sitcom. reported that Gilbert made the announcement while appearing on “What What Happens Live” March 30. She also clarified that it’s only Roseanne Conner, not the entire Conner family, that supports Trump.

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“The Conners aren’t Trump supporters,” Gilbert told host Andy Cohen. “Roseanne’s character is a Trump supporter — she’s the only one that supports (him) — and we never say his name, actually, in the show.”

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Gilbert also shared that, despite lots of publicity about the shows politics, the show isn’t about that, according to IndieWire.

“The show is not about politics. It’s not about anyone’s position or a policy, it’s really about what happens to a family when there’s a political divide, which is something that I think the entire country can relate to and something we need to talk about. So, with our show, it’s never about ‘doing an issue’ or ‘doing politics,’ it’s ‘how do these things affect a family unit?’”

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The show will have at least another season to explore how the divide affects the family. “Roseanne” was renewed for another season March 30.

“Roseanne” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. Watch Gilbert speak about the show and politics on “Watch What Happens Live” in the video below.

Police department’s April Fools’ joke highlights realities of raising bunnies

A Texas police department on Sunday announced a new member of its team: Cross-Hare, a rabbit with tactical training and experience as a Navy SEAL.

The announcement was followed by a hashtag: #EasterIsOnAprilFoolsDay.

Schertz Police Department officials posted the announcement early Sunday, accompanied by a photo of Cross-Hare wearing a police vest.

“Cross-Hare has an extensive tactical background seeing as he’s an ex-Navy SEAL,” the announcement read. “Cross-Hare’s small size will allow him to access small enclosed areas as needed for searches.”

The post went on to express excitement about having the bunny on the department’s roster before proclaiming the announcement a joke.

The department’s followers found the prank funny.

“Good one!” one woman wrote. 

“Cute! You should keep him,” another commenter said. 

Others went along with the joke.

“That rabbit’s got a mean streak a mile wide! He’s a killer, I tell you!” one man wrote. 

Another man who identified himself as a retired U.S. Army Special Forces member made a joke at Navy SEALS’ expense.

“You had me sold until you said ‘SEAL,’” the man wrote. “There’s no hair gel, so he’s not a SEAL.”

The rabbit is actually Miss Bunz, a former shelter animal living on Cape Cod who is sometimes called the “real-life Judy Hopps.” Judy Hopps is a bunny policewoman character on the animated Disney film, “Zootopia.”

Byron Howard, a co-director of the film, caught wind of Miss Bunz a couple of years ago and gave her a shout-out in a tweet.

The rabbit’s owner, Nancy Chen, said that through Miss Bunz’s voice on social media, she raises awareness of the realities of raising domesticated rabbits and promotes the “Adopt, Don’t Shop” movement. 

Miss Bunz’s website,, explains that she is a crème d’argent dwarf mix who spent the first three years of her life cooped up in a cage.

When her former owners moved in 2012, they did not take her or their other rabbit with them, the website said. Both rabbits ended up at the Massachusetts SPCA, where the other rabbit died.

“In a very short time, I lost my human family and the only bunny friend I ever had,” the website reads. “Needless to say, I became very skittish and distrustful of new people, new bunnies and new environments.”

Miss Bunz was at the shelter for three months before being adopted. With time and plenty of patience, she became less afraid and now lives with free range of Chen’s house.

She also has a new bunny brother, Mango. 

She is also harness trained, so she can play beyond the house and garden. She’s become fairly famous, with profiles on the Dodo and the Daily Dot

“There’s a misconception that rabbits are low maintenance pets,” Chen said Monday. “By sharing Miss Bunz’s life and experiences, I hope to dispel that myth while at the same time, showing others that, with proper care, rabbits are intelligent and social animals.”

Tattoo artist offers free removal of hateful ink

An Iowa tattoo artist normally inks his clients. But he’s offering a new service to help people who have tattoos that they regret. 

Not an ex’s name, not just a badly drawn image, but Robert Bader’s going to offer people with racist images or designs with hate speech or gang activity free removal of those tattoos, the Quad-City Times reported.

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Bader, who owns The Crow’s Nest Tattoo Studio, says that while the ink may be permanent, the person’s viewpoints from when they have the tattoos done can change.

“A lot of people don’t have the means to get it removed or to travel to do that,” Bader told the Times. “We’ve had to turn them away.”

But not anymore. Bader’s added laser tattoo removal equipment to his business. He will now be able to offer free removals to anyone who wants to get rid of a tattoo that is related to gangs, hate speech or racism.

He told the paper that it is another step in removing hate from the world.

“It’s basically good versus evil,” Bader told the Times.

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Texas teen accepted to 20 top-tier colleges, gets full-ride scholarships to all of them

A Texas teen has a big decision to make after he was accepted to 20 top-tier colleges – and scored a full-ride scholarship to each one.

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According to CNN, Micheal Brown, a senior at Mirabeau B. Lamar High School in Houston, wowed admissions offices at every elite school he applied to, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Northwestern, the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown and Vanderbilt. 

>> Watch his reaction to getting accepted to Stanford

The 17-year-old – who has a 4.68 grade-point average, 1540 SAT score and 34 ACT score – won "a combination of merit- and financial-based scholarships and grants" to the schools, the New York Times reported. He also earned other scholarships totaling $260,000, according to CNN.

"It's something I'm proud of because I see my hard work paying off, determination paying off, sacrifices paying off," he told CNN.

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Brown – who participated in his high school's student government, Key Club, debate team and mock trial – said he plans to major in political science and possibly economics, CNN and the New York Times reported.

He plans to select a school May 1.

Read more here or here.

Penguins fan uses sign at game to ask for kidney match

Pittsburgh Penguins fan in need of a kidney took her cry for help to Saturday night's game.

The Lancaster County woman made a sign that she took to PPG Paints Arena, and it got the attention of the team's social media accounts, getting thousands of retweets and reactions.

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Kelly Sowatsky held her sign reading, "I need a kidney," with her phone number below it.

“It kind of just exploded and it started being shared left and right,” Sowatsky said.

She told Channel 11 she has just 10 percent kidney function after contracting sepsis a few years ago.

But the response from her sign provides new hope.

The Pens fan said she's received hundreds of messages since the sign went viral, including several from people willing to be donors.

"Many of them have said, 'What do I need to do?' It’s a feeling I can’t really describe," she said.

Instead of calling the number on her sign, Sowatsky asks that potential donors contact Johns Hopkins and provide her name. You can also direct questions to 410-614-9345.

Dog stolen from backyard returned to owner 3 years later

It was a day they always hoped would happen, and was the end of a three-year journey.

Harley is a German shepherd. He was stolen from his backyard in July 2015, WRC reported. But a traffic stop in Baltimore this past weekend has brought a family back together. 

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The people at the center of the fortuitous stop said they found the dog running in the road in Baltimore. But when Animal Control took the dog, they scanned it for a microchip. Officials discovered the dog had been missing since 2015 and that his original owners were still looking for him on social media, WRC reported.

Wednesday night, Harley and his owners reunited.

Harley also has a new job. He’s been named an honorary K-9 for the Howard County Police Department, WJZ reported

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According to Howard County Police Department’s Facebook post, Harley had started training as a police dog with Carroll County sheriff, but when his handler got injured, Harley couldn’t finish his training. His owner bought him from the sheriff when the dog was 6 months old.

Father trolls engagement moment with 'Say no' sign

It’s recited at countless wedding ceremonies: Who gives this woman to be married to this man?

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One father in Nevada was having a hard time letting go. When his daughter received a marriage proposal from her longtime boyfriend, her father urged her to just say no.

It was all a joke, of course. He actually approves of his daughter’s future marital bliss.

Allison Barron and Levi Bliss of Winnemucca, Nevada, have been dating for two years. Bliss popped the question Saturday, Fox News reported. At that moment, Barron’s father, Jake Barron, was standing off in the distance, holding a sign imploring his daughter to “Say no.”

“This is really just my dad's personality,” Allison told Buzzfeed News, adding that her father was only joking. “We have a very close family and so he's made little jokes like this before.”

Allison said she was in tears when Bliss made his proposal but burst out laughing after seeing the sign, Fox News reported.

“We both know my dad so well, we got the joke right away and found it funny," she said.

By the way, Allison ignored her father’s sign and said yes. On her Facebook page, her profile photo shows her showing off her engagement ring while kissing Bliss.

Alabama woman, 92, rallies from kidney failure to see first great-great-granddaughter

A 92-year-old Alabama woman dying of kidney failure was determined to see her first great-great-granddaughter. On Jan. 31, she got her wish.

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Two months ago, doctors had told the family of Jean Roper that the Trussville resident only had a few weeks to live, People reported.

“It was very hard for all of us to think that we were going to lose her,” said Roper’s great-granddaughter, Kayla Tracy. She’s always been the heart of our family.”

Then something remarkable happened.

Tracy’s sister, Amber Harris, was about to give birth to her first child and told Roper the baby girl would be named after her. Roper’s condition began to improve, People reported.

“She was over the moon with excitement,” Tracy told People, “She kept telling everyone, ‘I just want to live long enough to see that baby girl.’”

Roper and her husband, Edward, have been married since 1943. They had three children, seven grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and 11 great-great grandchildren, but almost all of them are boys.

“To know that she was going to soon have a great-great granddaughter was like medicine for her,” Tracy told People. “It was so amazing to watch her transformation that I knew I had to document it.”

A photographer with her own business, Kayla Tracy Photography, Tracy began to spend more time with her great-great-grandmother and documented her improving health. 

The birth of Magnolia Jean Harris “absolutely helped me to survive and pull through my diagnosis,” Jean told People.

“She helped keep my mind off how weak and terrible I felt,” she said, “and I thought she was the most beautiful baby girl I’d ever seen. She was so tiny and every part of her was just perfect.”

On March 5, the Ropers celebrated another milestone -- their 75th wedding anniversary. The couple met on a blind date in 1941, People reported.

“I thought he was mighty handsome, as well as kind and gentle,” Jean told People.

“And I thought enough of her to ask her on a second date,” Edward Roper told People. “I mean, she was such a doll.”

Dogs rescued from Chinese slaughterhouses find homes in Massachusetts 

A Massachusetts dog rescue shelter is finding homes for dogs that were living in Chinese slaughterhouses waiting to be sold for meat.

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Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, based in Hudson, began rescuing dogs from the slaughterhouses and off meat trucks, as well as municipal shelters awaiting euthanasia.

Through multiple transports, the rescue has found homes for about a dozen dogs.

Currently, five golden retrievers are at the Hudson facility, medically cleared and ready for adoption. All of them were rescued from a Beijing slaughterhouse and arrived in Massachusetts last week.

"The dogs basically live in terror in the slaughterhouses, because oftentimes they kill the other dogs right in front of the other dogs living there," said Allyson MacKenna, executive director of Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue. "We look at the dogs, and we know what condition they were in and what they must have gone through, and yet they’ve totally forgiven people. They love. They just want to be part of a home. It’s amazing."

Adoption coordinator Devon Spirka traveled to China with kennel manager Lucille Brooks earlier this year, returning with three rescue dogs, all of which they later placed in homes.

"Most of them have no idea what a toy is until they get here, and they sort of get used to what to do with them," Spirka said. "They just look so different once they get here, and they’re comfortable, and they’re fatter, and they’re just healthier and happier."

The Hudson rescue has traditionally taken in golden retrievers from across New England. In 2015, they began rescuing international dogs, bringing dogs from Turkey.

Recently learning of the plight of many dogs in China, organization officials decided to expand their operations.

It's the friendly personality signature of the golden retriever breed that often works against them in China, where the dog meat industry is profitable, MacKenna said. 

"Some of the meat vendors that our contacts in China have spoken with have said that they specifically like goldens if they can get them, because they have such docile temperaments, it makes their job easier," MacKenna said.

The majority of the Chinese people are against the dog meat industry and many illegal slaughterhouses are being shut down by the government, often pressured by rescue groups and dog advocates, MacKenna said. But there are still thousands in danger.

Just getting the dogs to the United States is expensive. Paying for medical bills, boarding for 30 days, health certifications, flights, a crate, food and other necessities costs $1,500 to $2,000, MacKenna said.

Transporting the dogs is the other difficulty. The five currently at the facility were flown in with a volunteer whose sole purpose in visiting in China was to rescue the dogs.

The rescue is not only seeking donations but also volunteers to help transport the dogs, particularly those who travel internationally. Volunteering requires a few more minutes in customs at the airport but no dog handling abilities; the volunteer doesn't ever have to touch the dog, as the Chinese rescue group brings the dog to the gate, MacKenna said.

To donate, volunteer or adopt, visit

On 18th birthday, woman scratches first lotto ticket and wins $1,000 a week for life

Charlie Lagarde decided to celebrate her 18th birthday with a bottle of sparkling wine and a lotto scratcher.

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When she got home March 14, she scratched off the Gagnant à vie! ticket to find that she won the grand prize -- $1,000 a week for life -- on her first game, according to Quebec Lottery officials.

Lagarde plans to do a lot of traveling and to study photography.

“One of my dreams would be to work for National Geographic,” she said. 

NFL star Richard Sherman marries longtime girlfriend

Former Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has married his longtime girlfriend, Ashley Moss

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Former teammate Ricardo Lockette shared a video of the couple dancing at their wedding celebration, writing, “Congratulations To the Sherman’s!!!! [sic] #familia”

>> See the post here

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Sherman signed with the San Francisco 49ers this month

>> Richard Sherman reportedly agrees to contract with 49ers

Army, Air Force, Navy: Student receives appointments from 3 academies; which did she choose?

A senior at Glynn Academy High School, in Brunswick, Georgia, has received appointments for three military academies.

The mother of 18-year-old Bliss Hutchings tells Action News Jax, she received appointments to the Naval Academy, Air Force Academy and U.S. Military Academy.

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Admissions into all three branches are extremely competitive, according to Prep Scholar. The acceptance rates for the U.S. Military Academy and Naval Academy is nine percent, meaning nine of every 100 applicants are accepted. Acceptance rate of the Air Force is 14 percent.

"This is largely unheard of," mother Shayna Hutchings-Dragotta said.

Hutchings has chosen the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

MUST SEE: Baby on way for couple whose engagement, wedding photos with third-wheel went viral 

It’s difficult when your best friend finds the girl of his dreams and gets married. It can be like you’re a third wheel. Mitch Jolliff seems to be an expert in being the odd man out of the relationship.

First it was the engagement photoshoot that Jolliff “crashed.”

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As Kody and Brittney Frysinger announced their impending wedding, with “I do” added to the bottom of their shoes, the photographer, Lindsey Berger, added “n’t” to the bottoms of Jolliff’s boots as he trolled the happy couple, Huffington Post reported.

Then came round two. At the wedding, as the Frysingers sealed their love with a kiss, Jolliff pouted as he sat next to the groom. Brittney had “I won” Photoshopped to the bottom of her boots. Jolliff had “shut up” and a broken heart on his. Berger told Brides magazine that the photo sequel came to be because no one had done a follow-up to the engagement photo. 

>> Need something to lift your spirits? Read more uplifting news 

“I felt it was necessary to show everyone how Mitch was handling the wedding,” Berger told Brides.

Well, a year after the original photo, Country Roads Photography has the latest update for the couple. Brittney and Kody are now expecting a new member of their family, making Jolliff a fourth wheel instead of a third. This time, there are four pairs of shoes. Brittney sports “new baby.” Kody has “due april.” A pair of empty baby boots say “hey Mitch” while Jolliff’s boots say “oh boy.”

Bakery saves the day for nonverbal boy after iPad stolen: 'It's the only way he can communicate'

A Massachusetts bakery is helping a boy with special needs communicate again after his trusty iPad was stolen.

>> Watch the news report here

Three-year-old Hunter Jerrier has Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, and because he's nonverbal, he uses his iPad to speak.

Hunter's father, Brian Jerrier, says the gateway to understanding his son's wants and needs is his iPad, which is loaded with special programs to help out his little one.

>> Need something to lift your spirits? Read more uplifting news 

However, on Saturday, during a trip to White's Bakery in Brockton, Hunter's method of communication was stripped from him when someone stole his gadget.

His parents said someone took it from a counter just minutes after they accidentally left it there.

"As a grown, 40-year-old man it made me cry. It was my fault because I put it down. I felt like I let him down because it's the only way he can communicate with us," Brian said.

The Jerriers thought it was a lost cause until they received a phone call less than 24 hours after the theft from a manager at the bakery.

The manager offered to replace the iPad and followed through with his word.

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"There are still good people out there that, in a really crummy situation, made it easier for him, easier for us and did it so quickly," said Amanda Jerrier, Hunter's mom.

Now, the Jerriers said the last way to right this wrong is for the thief to come forward.

"I would like to know how it would feel if you were unable to speak in any type of way," Brian said.

Mom’s nightmare trip to Target calmed by stranger’s kindness

Is there ever a quick trip to Target, especially when you have to take the kids?

Rebecca Paterson was having one of those moments when her two children, aged 2 months and 2 years, went into meltdown mode, KHOU reported.

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First the baby started crying and then the toddler cried harder. But the kindness of a stranger shined a light in the otherwise dark moment for Paterson.

Instead of casting the side-eye looks and complaining about the crying children that many other shoppers could have done, Tiffany Guilory scooped up 2-year-old Jacob and soothed him, walking with Paterson as she finished her grocery shopping for 45 minutes.

Paterson snapped a photo of Guilory that has gone viral.

Guilory told KHOU that’s she’s been there. She has two kids herself.

“It really touched me.” Gilory told KHOU. “I know how it is. I’ve been there. I have two kids, it’s frustrating and that baby is 2 months. You have hormones going...and people are looking at you crazy, and I just wanted to help. God sent me there to help her.”

>> Need something to lift your spirits? Read more uplifting news 

Paterson said she will not forget the woman she is calling her “angel.”

“Kindness and understanding goes a long way, and I think it’s true, because I didn’t feel judged. I had a helping hand, and I needed it at that moment,” Paterson told KHOU.

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